Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. Yes, PURELAND works together with a cryptocurrency exchange where you can resell tokens at a fixed price of USD 1.50 per token. The difference between purchase and resale price is used for administration and maintenance costs of PURELAND projects. The sales functionality of PLTs is estimated to commence towards the end of 2nd quarter 2019.

A. PURELAND is a community-driven project. You are welcome to send proposals for land to protect to be put it on the voting list. If you want to send a proposal, please submit information on the land you wish to propose including: precise location; approximate size; type of forestation, flora and fauna; the reason why you think that this land should be protected; images or videos with drones; price of the land; owner contact data etc. via email to:

A. Regarding PURELAND Zero, token owners can visit the area and stay in an eco lodge on the property (at their own expense) in case they are interested in finding out more. However, please bear in mind that PURELAND projects aim to conserve pristine habitats of nature and to protect them from human influence.

Please note that PURELAND projects are not to be mistaken for tourist destinations or vacation resorts. If you have a special reason you want to visit a PURELAND project in person, please write an email to:

A. No, completion of a KYC procedure is not required for buying PURELAND Tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange, so long as your daily withdrawal limit of 0.5 BTC is sufficient for purchasing PURELAND Tokens.

A. Shortly the very first option for buying the PURELAND Token (PLT) using Bitcoin and USDT on a cryptocurrency exchange will be introduced – stay tuned!

A. To contact PURELAND Support, please complete this contact form and we will get in touch with you.

A. In your PURELAND account you can see every project you are protecting with your PLT. Click on the button “Certificate” to print out your certificate or to save it as a .pdf file.

A. First you must be a registered PURELAND protector and own some PURELAND Tokens. Each of your PURELAND Tokens counts as one vote. When a new project is opened for voting, you simply login to your account on the PURELAND website and scroll down in the Dashboard section to cast your vote on the future projects.

A. A PURELAND Token has no expiration date as long as the community actively supports a project and its properties.

A. The first project, PURELAND Zero, consists of 8,493,925 square meters of land for protection and an equal number of PURELAND Tokens. With positive voting support by the community, the total number of PURELAND Tokens is going to increase in line with the number of PURELAND projects across the globe.

A. Please use the reset password feature on the PURELAND Login page. PURELAND will send you an email with further instructions on how to reset your password to the email address you registered with.

A. In order to ensure security of all customer data, PURELAND has a valid SSL certificate that encrypts all connections by default. PURELAND never shares customers’ personal data with third parties unless required by law.

A. All contributions are used to safeguard, preserve and maintain the lands of a project. Funds are utilized for guards to protect and patrol the property on land, as well as periodically by air with drones. These measures are to ensure that no illegal deforestation, contamination or other illegal activity is taking place on the land. Also, a fund is created to buy the next property for protection that the PURELAND community elects by casting their votes.

A. PURELAND Zero is the name of the first PURELAND project for nature conservation. The area is located in the southern part of Costa Rica on the Osa peninsula near the river Sierpe. The project is part of Costa Rica’s accredited “Carbon for the Planet” project portfolio. All contributions made to the PURELAND Zero project are utilized for financing further environmental projects to save our planet.

A. If you donate USD 2,00 to PURELAND, you are helping to protect one square meter (m2) of rainforest land with one PURELAND Token (PLT).

A. The PURELAND Token (PLT) is a durable and fungible utility token developed on the Dispatch public ledger. It represents the number of square meters of land the token owner can protect with a donation 1:1. The first phase of the PURELAND project will open with the PURELAND Zero property in Costa Rica. To praise the PURELAND protectors who choose to make a difference by donating, they can create and print a transparent digital certificate, that is safely and reliably stored on the blockchain, and displays the unique square meters each user’s PURELAND Tokens are set to protect. Users can track their PLT purchase 24/7 online via the PURELAND web app. All PURELAND transactions are encrypted by cryptography.

The PURELAND smart contract was developed on the Dispatch public ledger and is ERC20-compliant, with an additional voting mechanism for PLT stakeholders. In order for the PURELAND community to tokenize and protect more land, stakeholders are allowed to vote YES or NO on the minting of more tokens to add more land for protection.

A. In your PURELAND account, you can see every project you are protecting with your PURELAND Tokens. Click on the button “Certificate” to view your certificate(s).

A. Once a new project has been identified and due diligence completed, the project is introduced to the registered and actively protecting PURELAND community on the PURELAND website app for online voting. The PURELAND Community then decides whether the new project should be supported or not. Each PURELAND Token owned by a community member counts as one vote. This means, the more PURELAND Tokens someone holds, the more influence he has on the voting process.

A. A blockchain is a distributed public ledger that guarantees the authenticity of data by simultaneously recording and encrypting all transactions in a peer-to-peer network of computers. The use of blockchain technology in the PURELAND project ensures maximum transparency, safety and reliability in comparison to similar nature conservation projects in the market.

A. Costa Rica is a country in Central America covered with rainforest and with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean on an area of 51,000 km2. National parks and nature reserves encompass about one quarter of the area (25.6%). In June 2016, Costa Rica announced plans to become the first carbon-neutral nation in the world by 2021. The country is home to more than 500,000 animal and plant species, which equals nearly 4% of total species estimated worldwide.

A. By buying PURELAND Tokens, you are helping to preserve the fauna and flora of rainforest and riverine wetlands for future generations and fighting climate change at the same time. Your donation towards the conservation and preservation of land shares ensures that pristine areas of nature around the world cannot fall prey to large corporations responsible for rainforest deforestation and private individuals abusing the land for farming or waste disposal.

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