Help to Save Térraba Sierpe in Costa Rica – Home of the Sloth

The Slowest Mammals on Earth

A sloth baby is born in the rainforest. As an arboreal creature, the female sloth gives birth to her baby while hanging in a tree. The newborn sloth learns how to eat his first leaves about four days after he is born. He spends the next four months clinging to his mother’s fur while she climbs around just two or three trees when she has a young instead of venturing further as usual. The young sloth may fall off his mother once in a while, but this won’t hurt him.

After six months, the young Sloth ventures out by himself. Sloths are wild animals and very sensitive. They need the humidity and leaves of the rainforest to live in and to maintain the balance of their unique fur that is home to an own ecosystem of fungi and insects. As a matter of fact, the rainforests of Costa Rica are the only place where sloths can survive.Therefore, the lives of sloths depend on a healthy rainforest environment.

Save the Habitat of the Sloths

Rainforests are among the most ecologically diverse regions in the world and greatest remaining natural resource on earth. Besides providing a habitat to the sloths and many other animals, rainforests are also the green lung of the entire planet, providing the air we all breathe and fresh water.

Deforestation means the permanent destruction of the rainforest and woodland. Corporations are looking to cut down the rainforest to sell land for farming. In other parts of the world, people want rainforest trees as lumber to build their houses and their furniture.

By buying PURELAND Zero tokens you are helping us to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Térraba Sierpe in Costa Rica using blockchain technology. With the purchase of each token you are protecting one square meter of rainforest, turning this area of rainforest land into an area that is safe from deforestation, exploitation of resources and destruction through farming and settlement. Get involved today – buy your PURELAND Tokens now!


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