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PURELAND Zero is an environmental conservation project based on blockchain technology. All contributions made to the PURELAND Zero project are utilized for financing environmental projects to prevent deforestation of rainforests and to save our planet for future generations.

PURELAND Zero is the first PURELAND project and part of Costa Rica’s accredited “Carbon for the Planet” project portfolio. Its mission is to execute forestry projects that contribute to the removal of greenhouse gasses while restoring, protecting, and managing both green and tropical forests from deforestation for palm oil and contamination.

The PURELAND Zero forest area that has already been acquired has a density of 340 trees per hectare and a total biomass of 105 tons per hectare. This meets the criteria of a primary forest with the immediate capacity to host an advanced secondary forest and the preferred habitat of sloths. Causes of deforestation, among others, include harvesting of timber and creation of room for urbanization, ranching and farming through clear cutting and burning of trees.

PURELAND has committed itself to maintain, restore and preserve the nature area of PURELAND Zero around the Sierpe river on the Osa peninsula in Costa Rica. PURELAND Zero is targeted to prevent devastation of this unique rainforest habitat, which is home to rare species of fauna and flora, from deforestation for palm oil. Protecting the land includes measures such as regular surveillance on land and by air with drones, labeling, and protection from wood exploitation and deforestation of rainforests – with the exception of dry or fallen trees that must be managed by a compliance professional.

Upon the completion of Project Zero, PURELAND is planning to acquire further projects funded by the proceeds from the token sales of PURELAND Zero. The nature of the next PURELAND project is going to be resolved in the scope of a consensus procedure in the blockchain.

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Visit our blockchain web interface and make your transparent and traceable donation to save rainforest land!

Blockchain is a technology in which computers share the same database. Besides supporting transactions in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, PURA and many altcoins, blockchain helps to solve the major environmental problems we are facing on our planet today.

Imagine a database that is stored on tens of thousands of computers around the world that simultaneously updates itself when there is any change. This means no one person or computer can tamper the data contained or is in central control of a blockchain, the entire community is in charge.

Transactions and interactions are tracked and verified and ensure accountability, efficiency and transparency of environmental projects. A record made stays in the blockchain forever and cannot be changed.

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