PURELAND is a hybrid decentralized application developed on the Dispatch public ledger. PURELAND key custody ensures ease-of-access to PURELAND Tokens (PLT) using an interface that end-users are already familiar with, and the decentralized PURELAND solidity smart contract guarantees the immutability, transparency and custody of the PURELAND Contract.

PURELAND Tokens embody an additional voting mechanism for Pureland Token (PLT) stakeholders. One PURELAND Zero Token represents one square meter of rainforest land created by a smart contract for token creation, token keeping and handling balances. In order to tokenize and protect more land through the PURELAND Community, stakeholders are allowed to vote YES of NO on the minting of more tokens to represent addition of further land for protection.

The PURELAND Token runs inside the Dispatch Virtual Machine (DVM) of the Dispatch protocol. Today that means PLT holders will not have to worry about transaction fees or scalability and can interact with the PURELAND decentralized app (DApp) from their browser of their choice on mobile or desktop web. The Delegated Asynchronous Proof-of-Stake (DAPoS) consensus algorithm provides quick transaction finality and scalability. We work very closely with the Dispatch development team, and their data-oriented roadmap gives us the opportunity to expand the PURELAND DApp functionality to include immense amounts of meta-data on the land being protected.

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